Up to $1.9 million will be allocated to the Town of Ranchester for infrastructure improvements. Some of the targeted projects are:

Fiscal YearProjectCapital Facilities
Tax Amount
Other FundingTotal
Estimated Cost
Total$1,920,000$1,162,000 $3,082,000
2014-15Grant matches for Economic Development and Town Infrastructure$100,000$0 $100,000
2014-15Street Maintenance$100,000$0 $100,000
2014-15Sidewalk Improvement$80,000$50,000 $130,000
2014-15Water Main Replacement - Alley W of Main St$30,000$0 $30,000
2014-15Water Main Loop - Dayton St$100,000$250,000 $350,000
2014-15Park Improvements$50,000$50,000 $100,000
2016-17Street Maintenance$100,000$0 $100,000
2016-17Water Main Replacement - Weare to Bear Park$115,000$0 $115,000
2016-17Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase I$100,000$100,000 $200,000
2016-17Water Line Loop - Wondra Subdivision$75,000$0 $75,000
2016-17Relocate Town Maintenance Shop$100,000$135,000 $235,000
2016-17Lagoon Addition$223,000$177,000 $400,000
2018-2021Street Maintenance$141,000$0 $141,000
2018-2021Grant matches for Economic Development and Town Infrastructure$100,000$0 $100,000
2018-2021Lift Station Repairs and Upgrades$25,000$50,000 $75,000
2018-2021Park Improvements$75,000$50,000 $125,000
2018-2021Water Line Replacement - Carl/Betty St$81,000$0 $81,000
2018-2021Sidewalk Improvement$50,000$50,000 $100,000
2018-2021New Access Road to Sewer Lagoon$75,000$50,000 $125,000
2018-2021Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase II$200,000$200,000 $400,000