Use the map below to explore projects in your community that have been funded through the Capital Facilities Tax. Zoom into the area you wish to explore in order to view all projects in that area. For more information about each project, click on the highlighted point, street, or road section on the map. A legend about the project information is included below the map.

Please note: This map is intended solely as an informational resource to give viewers a general sense of how the Capital Facilities Tax has been used throughout Sheridan County. The locations of such projects or related information (road lengths, etc.) should not be construed as the exact measurements of the project.

This embedded map is optimized for viewing in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you are viewing this in Google Chrome, the projects may not display on the map below. If you have any difficulty viewing the embedded map, please click through to the full map.

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Map Legend

ColorProjects are color-coded according to the category in which they are placed. Pink indicates streets/roads/bridges; blue indicates utilities; and red indicates facilities. Projects that may include more than one category are typically listed as utilities.
Tax CycleProjects shown were funded through tax cycle III (approved 2003) or IV (approved 2009).
Total Project CostTotal cost of the project.
Cap Tax AmountPortion of the total project cost funded by the Capital Facilities Tax.
EntityThe Sheridan County entity that completed the project (e.g. Town of Ranchester, Sheridan County, etc.)
Year of CompletionYear the project was completed.
LocationGeneral location of the project work.
DescriptionDescription of the project components and need.